“I make images”
Mark Dalderup

Mark Dalderup

Hello, My name is Mark Dalderup and it seems that you are visiting my backme profile. At the moment I make all of my work as an independent artist and publish it on markdalderup.nl. Further more I have a website called daylightofdarkness.com where I publish an ongoing story/graphic novel/basically do whatever I want story. My current work consists of felt tip drawings under the moniker aimless activity. I use standard house hold felt tips and cheap paper on which I make large colorful drawings. Another aspect of these drawings is that I like to make them large (70x100cm or 39.4 x 27.8) which ads to the alienating effect of the art. I use automatic drawing and surrealism as my guide line. Most of the works have a dream like atmosphere where different objects go from one to the next and objects who are out of place appear in the composition. There is a large influence of surrealism, and European comic books, since I like to use the clear line style. if you like what I am doing consider backing me through this website. Thanks and have a good day

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